Chandelier 1800 SK, a special version of our 1800, brus-hed aluminum, coated, diameter  1400 mm, 1800 mm or 2400 mm. LED with total capacity of 36000 lm by a diameter of 1800 mm, DALI dimmable, 3000K, indirect light through the diffuser, 40% of the light scattered directly.
The chandelier is also available in other diameters and special colors. The total components, LED and driver are located in the chandelier, so that ease of installation and ease of maintenance is ensured.

Lamp type:LED 3000K 36000 lm, DALI dimmbar
Material:Aluminium lackiert, Polycarbonat
Dimensions:External diameter 1400, 1800 or 2400 mm
Further dimensions if requested.