My First LEDy

My first LEDy T / My first LEDy W

is our first light using LED technology. Filigree design and a high contrast composition using stainless steel and black anodised aluminium distinguish My first LEDy. The combination of elegantly designed friction joints and in-tegral stainless steel wire springs ensure a perfect balan-ce between stability and ease of movement. The handy flat head integrates 3W wide angle power LEDs with the on-off switch. So the light can be switched on and adju-sted at the same time using a cool to the touch handle on the head.

Leuchtmittel:high power 3W LED
Material:stainless steel, anodised or powder-coated aluminium
Ma├če:base D 260, head D 113  H 20

Maximum distance from head to base is 1000 mm.