EB 133

EB133 is a flat built-in illuminator with a small installation depth of 36 mm and a shape of 133 x 133 mm. The in-directly guided light is suitable for hallways, as ambiance light in restaurants, as bedside table light etc... 

The two-part stainless-steel body is available in the basic versions with shiny-white coating and stainless steel brushed. The build-in illuminator can be equipped with four lamp types:

EB133/4LED2W: with 4 LED, 2W mains voltage each or EB133/4LED1W350mA: with 4 LED 350mA
All LED versions in 3200 or 4200 Kelvin.
EB133/NV20W with 2x10W 12V halogen or
EB133/NV40 with 2x20W l12V halogen.