Angelled Oblong

Simple and functional. The shade is fixed with pressure and can be turned by 180°. You can decide: The light is placed low in the room, do you want a more clear and direct or more indirect light. The interior LED at your own choice: from 2 x 4W mains voltage LED direct and indirect, or 15W 700 mA LED indirect or direct. It depends on how you want to fix the lamp on the wall. So, INSIDE... always LED, OUTSIDE... make your own colour choice. The included angel can be fixed on the pull switch or displayed on the lamp. Additionally you can choose different lengths.

Lamp type:from 2 x 4W mains voltage LED or 14W 700 mA LED or LED strip
Material:aluminium, polycarbonate
Dimensions:W 205 / 250 / 450 ..., D 69, H 64