A150S / A410S

With its slim and filigree form the standing light A150S has been designed for the ambitious office and object area. By using the new generation of 150 W halogen metal halides, the ingenious reflector combination A150S offers a brilliant direct and indirect light with one of the most excellent light medium forming one can find on the market. Optionally available in 4200 Kelvin white or 3200 Kelvin warm tone of white. 15000 Lumen.
The standard lamp offers, depending on the model, pure indirect light and by means of the optional use of the L-reflector/LR, a dose of direct light. It is possible as well to create indirect light with a dash of direct light by means of an oblong opening /D in the head of the light. This light can be intensified by using the L-reflector. 650LUX can be reached on a workplace with a ceiling height of 2,9 meters.
In addition to this, A410S is also available with B15D socket for the use of 2x205W dimmable mains voltage halogen lamp types.