Lightness and mobility distinguish the 3618 luminaire. On the wall or ceiling, either singularly or in a “swarm” it steers the lighting in any direction desired. The internal wide angle aluminium reflector ensures a broad indirect light radiation. The combination of the soft external shape and the light emitted through the opening in the reflector make the 3618 appear almost transparent. The attachment arm is extendable and available in 140 mm or 480 mm lengths. 3618 is complete with a recessed or surface mounting plate in natural aluminium, black lacquered or white powder coated finishes.

3618 was designed in collaboration with Interior Architect Christiane von der Linde and Mr. Zippel, Ziplight.

Lamp types:energy saving bulb 9/11W or mains voltage halogen, 25w to 75w or low voltage halogen 12V until 75W or LED
Lamp base:G9
Material:anodised aluminium, stainless steel
Dimensions:D120 L 140/480